Women Empowerment: The Rise of Real Estate Investment among Kenyan Women

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment comes in various forms. Investing is one of the main ways of financial growth and independence, but it comes with underlying risks. In recent years, Kenya has witnessed a significant rise in women breaking barriers and making a mark in various industries. Women are increasingly taking charge of their financial security.

One investment area that stands out is the real estate sector where women are increasingly taking center stage. With a growing economy and property market, Kenyan women are seizing the opportunity to build wealth through real estate investment, which has traditionally been a male-dominated domain.

Challenges Faced By Women Investors

However, like any other investor, they are not immune to the occasional setbacks and losses involved.

These challenges may include limited access to financial education, cultural barriers, and unequal opportunities compared to their male counterparts. These factors can contribute to increased vulnerability when making investment decisions.

The common issue is how women have lost money through fraudulent developers and stalling projects while investing in real estate. Most people would become very skeptical after such an experience, but thorough research and professional advice would help.

Let us explore some of the reasons behind the rise of women investing in real estate in Kenya:

1. Opportunity for Long-Term Wealth Creation

Unlike other investment options, real estate properties tend to appreciate over time, providing a steady source of passive income and significant returns on investment. This approach offers Kenyan women financial stability during retirement or unexpected life events.

2. Breaking Societal Norms

Traditional gender roles have affected the investment sector in which there is a bias in some industries. However, with changing societal norms and women empowerment programs, women are challenging these stereotypes and proving to be successful real estate investors.

3. Encouragement from Women Support Groups

Women groups and chamas provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources. By learning from others and accessing mentorship, women are gaining the confidence and skills required to navigate the real estate market successfully.

4. Real Estate Crowdfunding and Technology

Technological advancements have revolutionized real estate investment. The innovation of proptech has made it possible to have Real estate crowdfunding platforms and online investment opportunities which make the sector accessible to many. Kenyan women are also leveraging on platforms like Assetisha to pool their resources and invest in properties they may not have been able to individually.

Naivera is supporting these collaborative efforts which are fostering a sense of community and support among women investors through the #SheBuildsWealth program. We have de-risked the investment process through the various structures we have put in place to protect the investor.

We are here not as sellers but as partners who are willing to help you make informed decisions and promote an inclusive economic landscape for all.

As more women embrace the potential of real estate as a means of wealth creation, they are not only securing their own futures and that of their children but also contributing to the nation’s prosperity.

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