What this Christmas holds for Sharp Investors like you.

The end of year is here with us and the festive season which comes with lots of fun and merry making is here with us again.

Indeed it is justice for self to be happy and enjoy to the fullest considering the past dark seasons of lockdowns and curfews.

In such times, it would not be easy to drive a message of investing to someone soaked in Hawaii and Zanzibar beach fantasies.

However, it is paramount to think of what life would look like in future without making prudent investment plans or decisions today.

The current generation of young people as well as the middle aged need to learn self-control and delay gratification in order to control their financial future.

When we talk of investment, it is important to know that it is not just any sort of investment is a good investment.

The word investing has been heavily misused in the recent times because of the many schemes that have come up masquerading to be good investments only for them to disappear or collapse with billions of peoples  money.

It is quite evident that youths from Africa are looking out for alternative digital platforms that can help them make more money from the little they have and hence the betting craze.

This is a narrative that innovators need to give a serious thought in order to give the people more viable investment options that are secure, easy to do, affordable and one that offers better returns.

Naivera has a solution to this problem through their Assetisha product. Assetisha is a de-risked Loan marketplace that brings together lenders, income-generating assets, vendors and borrowers who need those assets.

The partnership delivers to the customers (borrowers) a great deal on income generating assets which they can invest in, where they can own them on credit as the assets  generate income for them.

One good example is the Romar place, a studio apartment in Juja town in Kiambu County, situated just 300m from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Main gate, and 300m from Thika Superhighway.

This project , which contains 75 units of Studio houses is 90% complete , and it is set to be occupied In March 2022.

The units are going at an introductory price of Ksh 699000, and instalment option is available where one can pay as low as Ksh  17000 per month for 2 years.

The good news is that with just a single deposit, one can acquire the house and start earning rent of between Ksh 84000 to Ksh 120000 per year. Isn’t it! possibly so good to be real? Just book a tour, physical or virtually and just confirm for yourself.

The units are strategically located for university student accommodation, private guest rooms or AirBnB.

This is just a perfect example of a prudent, smart investment that one can make in this season, in order to make more incomes in the New Year to come.

This investment is ideal for Chamas (Table banking groups), other investment groups, individuals and institutions who need to get fair returns for their investments.

The partnership that Naivera has with vendors, Saccos and other lenders makes it possible for borrowers to own these affordable properties on cheap loan which can easily be paid from the income generated by the assets.

It is good time for early birds to select their units before the end year deal is over.


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