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Loan Guarantors in a Sacco Fear the Risk of Losing their Shares

The Dilemma of being a Loan Guarantor in a Sacco

Have you ever received a phone call asking you to tell someone you know to pay their loan? Why? Probably because you were their loan guarantor for a particular instance in your membership. Loan guarantors make the lending system in a Sacco possible. The essence of guarantors in a Sacco is to manage the risk by spreading it to several members. Being a guarantor is committing to protect Sacco’s assets...

What this Christmas holds for Sharp Investors like you.

The end of year is here with us and the festive season which comes with lots of fun and merry making is here with us again. Indeed it is justice for self to be happy and enjoy to the fullest considering the past dark seasons of lockdowns and curfews. In such times, it would not be easy to drive a message of investing to someone soaked in Hawaii and Zanzibar beach fantasies. However, it is...


Naivera Selected Among 10 Promising Fintechs in Africa at Africa Fintech Summit -Nov 2021 Cairo

On 16th November 2021, all roads led to Cairo, Egypt. Naivera  was selected among the top 10 of Africa’s most promising fintech startups who would be exhibiting in this big conference at the St Regis Hotel in Egypt-Cairo. The Africa Fintech Summit is a global initiative held biannually, founded on the idea that fintechs can unleash unprecedented economic firepower in Africa and that more...

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