The Membley Star Heights Apartment Groundbreaking

The Membley Star Heights Apartment Groundbreaking

On April 29th, 2023, the Membley Star Heights apartment building groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated in Ruiru. The event organized by Naivera was attended by existing clients, government officials, real estate developers, and investors. The 9-level building is located in Ruiru, near Tatu City, Thika Road Superhighway, Opposite Membly Estate, and just 200M from the Dual Carriage- Eastern...

Loan Guarantors in a Sacco Fear the Risk of Losing their Shares

The Dilemma of being a Loan Guarantor in a Sacco

Have you ever received a phone call asking you to tell someone you know to pay their loan? Why? Probably because you were their loan guarantor for a particular instance in your membership. Loan guarantors make the lending system in a Sacco possible. The essence of guarantors in a Sacco is to manage the risk by spreading it to several members. Being a guarantor is committing to protect Sacco’s assets...

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