9 Reasons to Invest in JuJa

Juja is a town located approximately 33km from Kenya’s Capital.

It is the home to one of the best Universities in Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT).

Many are the times Kenyans are hit with a dilemma when it comes to decision making regarding any investment.

Due to overcrowding in the capital and its environs, investors have sought to choose to invest outside the city of Nairobi.

Juja is one of the towns that are the most sought after by many.

Before choosing a town or city to invest in, it’s important to discover any opportunities or setbacks associated with the place.

When it comes to choosing Juja, it’s important to consider the following;

Juja is highly populous

With an estimated population of  156,000 according to the Kenya Bureau of standards 2019, this is a significant number when you are an investor.

Anyone willing to start a business in that town will be making a wise decision due to the ready market pool.

The same goes for any house investor in the town. With such a number, house investors are guaranteed a relatively high number of potential tenants.

Nairobi-Thika Super Highway

Thika super highway
Thika super highway

Thika highway is one of the best road networks in kenya. Juja has grown massively because of the Thika highway.

Good roads facilitate the fast and efficient transportation of resources and services from one place to another.

This facilitates and accelerates the rate of growth of towns and communities. Accessibility of social amenities such as hospitals, police stations and public offices as well is eased.

Juja modern hospital

A healthy population is a productive one. Juja has one of the best modern hospitals available as of February 1st 2017 with NHIF accreditation.

With services not limited to out-patients, in-patients, dental services, laboratory, physiotherapy and theater, there is an abundance of qualified personnel well capable of providing quality and commendable care to the patients 24hrs.

Juja town is an education Centre.


Jomo Kenyatta University of AGricultural and technology
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural and technology(JKUAT)

Juja is well known because it hosts one of the best universities in Kenya and Africa. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture(JKUAT) is the home to most Kenyan students, scholars and researchers.

These students compete to get places to call a home where they rent. This puts Juja town on top of the best towns to think of when it comes to thinking of investment.

Juja modern market

Juja Modern Market
Juja Modern Market

Always filled with fresh, locally produced food products, the modern market in juja is there to sustain the population with proper food diets as well as provide the residents with a well built place of business where they can kick start their agricultural businesses and nourish their families as well as contribute to the economy.

Juja is well secured.

The security of a place is very important when it comes to settling or investing.

Security is a determinant factor in the progress of a place.

With major offices located in the town, Juja security is high. Deputy County Commissioner’s offices are located in Juja town.

Despite the few attacks witnessed in Juja, the security of the town is still heightened

Affordable housing & water.

Affordable water
Affordable water

The high population of Juja town is associated with the affordable housing in the town. From as low as 8000 Kenya shillings you will get access to great housing. Juja offers fresh water to its residents with the least alkaline levels. In case you’re drilling a borehole, you are assured of clean water. This factor has resulted in many people opting to choose to live in Juja.

Juja’s close proximity to CBD

Close proximity to cbd

Juja is located 33km from Kenya’s Capital

Juja’s close proximity to Nairobi has made most of the Kenyans reside in Juja. Most Kenyans are ferried from town to Juja and vice versa through famous bus matatus (Super metro and Lophas Saccos).

Juja is a fast-growing town.

Juja city mall
Juja city mall

With big shopping malls and industries, Juja is a hub of business opportunities. With the existence of big shopping malls, such Juja malls might have led to an increase in the population of the town.

Juja is also home to key industries that play a critical role in the Kenyan economy.  Juja pulp and paper which recycles brown paper and star plastics makes water tanks and plastic products located in Juja employing hundreds of people.

These people need housing in this town and therefore favor any housing developer from this town.


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