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If there is one thing we have in common as Kenyans it’s the word “Wueh…” because Uchumi ni Ngumu!🤣

But for some, the pinch might not be as hard as it is for others. Do you know why? INVESTMENTS. 

People who invested some time back are now reaping benefits of the delayed gratification. 

Probably at the moment, you are listing down all the reasons why investing is a hassle. Some of the challenges you might have named are:

  • The Availability and Affordability of the investment assets (houses)
  • The Availability of financing (Investment Capital)
  • High risk of investments as they say… soko ni chafu haha 😅

Well, we have a solution for you. In as much as investing might be a hard task at the moment, we are here to be that partner who cheers you on and holds your hand. 

The heart of our mission and vision is to help you build wealth through passive income in Affordable Houses. We are a marketplace full of investment opportunities in Affordable Houses. At Naivera, our affordable is affordable, and we keep our word. We have had units going for as low as 750K. 

Having been in this business for 9 Years, we have a proven track record of success. Our previous projects; Romar Apartments in Juja, Aviv Apartments in Kitisuru, and Epic Apartments in Kitisuru, have all sold out.

What do we have in store at the moment?

Introducing, our new project in the market.

The Membley Star Heights Apartment

The Membley Star Heights Apartment is our latest affordable housing development.

It features elegantly designed Studios and 1-Bedroom apartments.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for everyday people to own a piece of real estate in Nairobi at a very affordable price.

This project is located in Ruiru, near Tatu City, Thika Road Superhighway, Opposite Membley Estate, and just 200M from the Dual Carriage- Eastern Bypass.

At the Membley Star Heights, you are neighboring schools, hospitals, malls, and police stations.

The units are ideal for owner’s residences or Buy-to-let apartments that you can rent for very attractive rental yields of up to Ksh. 23,000 monthly.

This property offers excellent capital gain and an annual rental yield of between Ksh 168,000 to Ksh 320,000.

Other Features Include;

  • Enough Water Supply; County and Borehole water
  • 24/7 Security (Electric Fence, CCTV, and Security Guard)
  • Fiber Internet Connection.
  • High-speed lift
  • Recreation area on the rooftop.
  • Good Sewerage System
  • Parking space available

House Sizes Below;

  • Studio 1–  215 square feet/ 20 SQM
  • Studio 2–247 Square feet/23 SQM
  • 1 Bedroom House- 505 square feet/ 47 S68

Don’t be Left out. Investing in Real Estate is the new Flex.

Kuwa Landlord Ni Rahisi!

Why invest in the Membley Star Heights?
  • Profitable:
    Membley Star Heights has a return on investment of 10% annually.
  • Reliable:
    Our property management team will take care of all the hassles of owning a rental property.
  • Affordability:
    Our apartments are priced to be affordable for a wide range of buyers
    With Prices ranging from Ksh. 1.4M for Studio 1, Studio 2 for Ksh. 1.6M, and Ksh. 3M for a 1 Bedroom.
  • Strategic:
    Membley Star Heights is located in a high-demand area and in close proximity to all key services ensuring sustained tenancy.
  • Quality:
    Our apartments have been constructed to meet the highest standards of quality 
  • Convenient:
    Membley Star Heights is located in a convenient location with easy access to major roads and amenities.

To demonstrate our commitment to being your investment partner, We offer flexible payment plans of up to 18 months, after an initial deposit of 30% with a limited-time offer discount of Ksh. 50,000!

At the Membley Star Heights Apartment, over 40% of our clients are return clients, which speaks volumes about our customer support.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable investment in housing, then Naivera Inc. is the perfect choice for you. 
Contact us today to learn more about The Membley Star Heights and our other investment opportunities.

Affordable Houses