For everyone cracking the adulting puzzle, every answer to earn more and more is always captivating.

What is often ignored is that sometimes the issue is not how much you are earning but how well you invest it. Yes, perhaps all you need is to plan better.

The fallacy of more is driving lots and lots of people to a journey without an exact destination. They chase and chase some more and within no time exhaustion sets in. We will even not talk about depression that is so common nowadays.

A story is told of a man who had a treasure box that was purposely for saving for a certain purpose.

He kept dropping coins to the box time and time again and he hoped the box was going to fill up. However there was a small problem, the box never got heavy. The man kept dropping more regardless because he didn’t care what the real problem was. One day however, he wanted to get his coins out and it was time to lift his box out.

The rest is not history, the rest is a huge shock and disappointment on his face as he discovered his treasure box had a hole at the bottom and his coins had found a secret exit after all and they had since found a new owner. The biggest problem was the crack he knew not.

Isn’t that a reflection of most of us? Maybe.

The Journey to becoming better in financial management starts with a level of literacy or awareness and especially of the cracks in the bottom .One of the questions you need to answer as you develop healthy financial habits is the where. Where is my biggest Hole?

Personal financial literacy begins with an honest audit of personal loopholes that steal away opportunities to grow your wealth.

The “Hole” could be excessive, unnecessary, uncontrolled, uninformed spending. Spending, much as it is unavoidable, is a serious hole and must be seriously analyzed.

Before you spend on any amount of income, it is necessary to separate needs and wants. Needs are basic requirements whose urgency and importance is at high level. Wants on the other end are secondary requirements whose importance might be high but their urgency is low.

As you seal this hole, there is need to be distinct or clear about wants and needs.

This can be preceded by determining by the help of a budget to prioritize needs and be minimal on wants. As you seal the cracks you open up your finances to profitable investment channels that could possibly answer the question how?

Now that you have confirmed that your treasure box is not leaking, and if it is leaking you have since sealed the hole, the next question to ask yourself is how to invest. One of the most assure way of building your wealth is by increasing your income generating assets. Some of this assets might be very stable and predictable in nature.

An example of these assets is investing in unit a studio apartment currently on sale at Juja, which is an ideal affordable investment with regular rental income.

This is a guaranteed monthly income project that is very stable in nature. One of the benefits is that it starts making income immediately and the title for the same can be used as collateral in future for other benefits.

In western countries, owning a house is not a reserve of a few but a opportunity available to all. It’s time that Kenyans and Africans at large started prioritizing investments instead of adopting consumerism behaviors

About Assetisha

Assetisha is a platform and a market place that brings together Asset Vendors, Lenders and Borrowers  that is geared to enable many Africans to own income generating assets. We partners with credit unions to incentivize their members to borrow and invest towards affordable income generating assets.

Assetisha is giving you access to affordable real estate investments for as low 850k In Juja Kiambu county,opposite JKUAT with flexible payment options. This could potentially earn you up to 120k of rental income per year .

You can call today or fill in the application form here and you’ll begin your investing journey because you too can.

Wendy Gakii- Head of Operations

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