How to identify the best Building Contractor

best Building Contractor

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Choosing the right contractors is one of the most sensitive decisions that someone has to make. No one wants to hire a contractor who is unprofessional and won’t deliver.

Contractors, just like any other professions, are easy to find but just like in any decision in life, it’s all about finding something or someone that merges perfectly with your idea and helps to bring it into existence while being legitimate, fair and easy to work with.

Contractors coordinate the moving parts in the wholesomely complicated building process.

They find and manage sub-contractors, deal with payments to vendors, work with architects, purchase materials, and in general act as much-needed guides through the complex process of home building or remodeling.

A Good Contractor should;

  • Provide written estimates on either pricing or size.
  • Be a good listener(Paying keen attention to the client’s needs)
  • Be inclusive and informative.
  • Have high safety standards.
  • Informs the client on how to comply with the law.
  • Be great in communication, updates and record keeping.
  • Be punctual and disciplined.
  • All his work is accompanied by written contracts.

A Bad Contractor is characterized by the below;

  • A lot of abnormalities.
  • Is not licensed
  • Always looking for shortcuts.
  • Is not keen on the safety of the employees
  • Habitually late or doesn’t return calls
  • Speaks poorly of clients or associates
  • Many lawsuits against the contractor.
  • Avoids permits, zoning, and building codes.

As per the National Construction Authority, here is a guide to the documentation you will need from your chosen contractor:

  • Contract Agreement
contractors agreement
contractors agreement

Your contract agreement is one of the most essential documents you’ll receive. It’s the principal agreement between you and your hired contractor, and it’s the main document that most of your other documents will attach to or reference.

Contract agreements often contain paperwork such as a description of your project, payment and deposit information, the scope of work, and the construction schedule.

  • Contractor’s License

Being a contractor needs certification both in school and the different contractor’s regulatory bodies.

Before operating as a contractor in Kenya you also need several licenses. Whenever you need the services of contractors in Kenya, always make sure that they have all the documents so as to guarantee they are competent and law-abiding.

You may as well search their existence on the official National Construction Authority Website(NCA)

  • Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

Before choosing a contractor, it is important to inquire about the type of insurance they have.

The type of work contractors in Kenya engages in require insurance on the machinery used since they are expensive, health insurance for the workers and insurance for the infrastructure.

Insurance is for any perils and accidents that may arise in the course of the contract.

  • Detailed Cost Estimates

The pricing model of a contractor should be crystal clear, this way every single penny is accounted for.

There is no better feeling than getting every penny’s worth of your investment.

Getting a pricing model that is economical, sensible and very easy to understand is key to forging the way forward as well as planning for inflation and emergencies.

  • Construction Drawings
Construction Drawings
Construction Drawings

The construction drawings show the final design of your project.

These typically include detailed depictions of each design component, including walls, elevations, cabinetry, hardware, and ceiling plans.

These drawings may be altered throughout the project to account for any change orders or mark-ups.

  • Construction Schedule

This is crucial to making your construction project a failure or a success.

Indeed, an overbooked contractor is sometimes prone to not giving the necessary attention to your project, or worse, rushing the work to be able to pass to the next customer.

This then results in cases of falling constructions or unavoidable mistakes that might prompt the demolition of your said building by the relevant authorities.

  • Communication and Work Guarantee
Work Guarantee
Work Guarantee

Contractors in Kenya who communicate effectively are the best, they never leave anything to chance and will always ask the clients before going forth with anything new in a project.

Work Guarantee is all a client needs and they will fall in love with contractors’ work.

  • Recommendations and Referrals

Contractors in Kenya with a history of good work will always have good reviews and will be recommended by many clients who have loved the works over the years.

This helps you trust his or her decisions or advice.

Trust eases the investor’s minds and also opens their mind to suggestions and ideas that they might not have thought of previously.

This in turn hastens the decision making process and with that saves time.


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