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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Romar Studio Apartments

What is a studio apartment? By definition, a studio apartment is an apartment that features only one main room that includes everything; Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room & Dining room. It is self-contained with better amenities than a bedsitter. How much does one unit cost? Our units are currently going for Ksh.850,ooo. Can I pay in installments? From the beginning of the project until the past...

9 Reasons to Invest in JuJa

Juja is a town located approximately 33km from Kenya's Capital. It is the home to one of the best Universities in Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT). Many are the times Kenyans are hit with a dilemma when it comes to decision making regarding any investment. Due to overcrowding in the capital and its environs, investors have sought to choose to invest outside the...

best Building Contractor

How to identify the best Building Contractor

Naivera have been at the core of helping their clients to realize their investment dreams. Choosing the right contractors is one of the most sensitive decisions that someone has to make. No one wants to hire a contractor who is unprofessional and won’t deliver. Contractors, just like any other professions, are easy to find but just like in any decision in life, it's all about finding something or...

How to make smart investments as a SACCO member.

3 Ways to Invest your SACCO Dividends

The word SACCO, which is an abbreviation for Saving and Credit Cooperative, is nothing new to most of us. SACCOs are user-owned financial institutions that offer both savings and credit services to their members. Members of these financial institutions can be both net savers and net borrowers. One of the main differences between traditional banks and SACCOs is ownership. Banks are generally...

Affordable studio apartments for sale in Juja @850K ONLY.

Importance of Affordable Housing To The Economy

In reality, the lack of safe, quality, sustainable and affordable housing is costing Kenya in several dramatic ways.  Counties that fail to step up with affordable housing solutions drive out residents, lose potential workers, and discourage growth in their local economies.  While those who already have safe and stable housing may not feel the true cost of poverty, the effects are real and can...

Real estate investor

A bold step that led Simon to becoming a studio apartment landlord in Juja

Simon is a resident of Kiambu County who upon hearing about the Kshs 850,000 Romar studio apartments being sold by Naiverah holdings limited decided that his time was now ripe to put into action his long term vision of ever owning an income generating asset. He narrated the events as they unfolded in excitement. “I started planning to have an extra source of income sometime back after I got my...

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