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How Affordable Housing Problem is a golden opportunity for Credit Market players in Africa.

We are living in uncertain times. The business environment has become extremely harsh, financial markets have declined and have become highly volatile, the economy has generally slumped, and the cost of living has increased drastically.  With all this happening, people must adjust and make more brilliant borrowing and investment decisions to develop resilience and thrive. The future will be...

Seal that leakage and start the new year well.

For everyone cracking the adulting puzzle, every answer to earn more and more is always captivating. What is often ignored is that sometimes the issue is not how much you are earning but how well you invest it. Yes, perhaps all you need is to plan better. The fallacy of more is driving lots and lots of people to a journey without an exact destination. They chase and chase some more and within no time...

What this Christmas holds for Sharp Investors like you.

The end of year is here with us and the festive season which comes with lots of fun and merry making is here with us again. Indeed it is justice for self to be happy and enjoy to the fullest considering the past dark seasons of lockdowns and curfews. In such times, it would not be easy to drive a message of investing to someone soaked in Hawaii and Zanzibar beach fantasies. However, it is...

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