A bold step that led Simon to becoming a studio apartment landlord in Juja

Real estate investor

Simon is a resident of Kiambu County who upon hearing about the Kshs 850,000 Romar studio apartments being sold by Naiverah holdings limited decided that his time was now ripe to put into action his long term vision of ever owning an income generating asset.

He narrated the events as they unfolded in excitement.

“I started planning to have an extra source of income sometime back after I got my first job. I was facing tough times having to depend on a single source of income. 

Most of the time I would survive on advanced salaries.” Simon said

It’s upon those difficult moments that I decided to set my vision right on how to boost my monthly earnings.

It happened to be the best decision that I will live to cherish throughout my life. This happened when I was just relaxing at home going through my Facebook page and I managed to come across a company that was selling affordable studio apartments in Juja.

I started following them silently as well as doing my due diligence. At first I was hesitant having heard from my friends how they had been duped into ghost or non-existent projects.

The deal looked too good for  me and I recalled what my dad had once told me, “that when the deal is too good I should think twice”.

By the time I started doing my  due diligence, I had no money but I was optimistic that if the deal was legit, I would of course fix myself and book one.

What seemed to boost my confidence in the apartment was an advert that I also heard on a credible radio station which made me reason differently about the project.

I heard their phone number from the radio and decided to call the company..

They advised me on how I would go about to secure one unit in the apartment they were building in Juja. What actually surprised me was that as compared to other people who sell off plan projects, their project was headed for completion and with ready title deed.

I wanted to be among their first buyers since I know there are many benefits that come with being an early bird in such projects. I started the journey by going to the site and doing my due diligence from one of my friends who is a lawyer.

After confirming that  everything was right, it was now the turn to start my journey of getting my first income generating apartment. I Consulted my SACCO who gave me a loan amounting to 400k. I paid the deposit and as we are talking, I have started paying the remaining installment amount.

Naiverah holdings has been good to me so far and my advice to other investors thinking of a similar idea they  should start looking for such projects.

I believe in the next one year the property value will have increased and to anyone looking to dispose off the apartment, the margin will be good to make a profit.

I would say Naiverah holdings limited is offering cheap and pocket friendly investment opportunities.

The prices are good to anyone willing to pay in cash or installment and am eagerly looking forward to partnering with them in the next  project.”

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